My Insomnia Battle – the beginnings


My first problems with insomnia started when I was at the end of my High School. I had difficulties studying, was always tired, couldn’t learn effectively. My stress level was always at its peak, making my life difficult. It got the the point that my parents decided to get me an insomnia treatment. Of course my doctor opened his list with medicines and prescribed me some pills, don’t remember the name of that drug now (they all have such strange names by the way). I remember he didn’t mention anything about natural sleep aids. Just sleeping pills prescription it is all I got from him. When I was at the high school, internet at that time was doing a baby steps yet. I haven’t got any computer yet (besides popular super mario games), so I had to depend on traditional medicine and doctors’ knowledge.

I started using my prescribed pills. I always felt a little drowsy after taking it, but it helped. I was sleeping. Next day I usually didn’t feel superbly well but at least I got some sleep and was happy, so did my parents. I have to mention that each year I got sick of flue or similar diseases at least twice a year. Of course another pills where prescribed to me (antibiotics – popular those days).

So this is how my life looked like at reaching 18 years old (by the way, I had flue on my 18th birthday, so no popular 18 teens party awaited for me).


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